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Al-Nahar Company

Our History

1999 The Company was Founded

Al-Nahar Company was founded in 1999 by Essam Al-Desouki and its main activity was customs clearance.

The company has grown to be one of the major suppliers of insulation materials in the region.

It has become an exclusive distributor in Egypt for various brands.

2005 The company has grown

Over the years the company has grown to be an important entity in the Egyptian market by being the sole agent and distributor of successive international companies, including but not limited to: onduline (light roofing) factory, lindini factory (corrugated and asbestos-free flat panels) Cotto san michele factory.

2010 Become a Leading in Industry

Over the years, Al Nahar has earned a reputation for quality, service and integrity among engineers, architects and contractors in the construction industry

AL-Nahar company are considered as one of the leader companies that specialized in the field of exporting and setting up the installation materials which use in covering the sur-face of all kinds of installation to protect them from the climatic change which cause them the damage and corrosion with an aesthetic form.

As present more of modern and safe style by using the best international materials that produce according to standards of international and European qualities .

All our products are environmentally friendly according to the certificates which support-ed by the biggest international laboratories.
We have the ability for importing any quantities of our products in a faster time and with the best quality and less prices whereas we are agents of the biggest European factories, and all our products are from our imports.

We are ready to do the geometric designs to cover any space or surface for all installation and carried out it where we have the technicians and trained labor for treating with woods and others suitable materials for application any designs or geometric form ac-cording to the suitable industry.
Al-Nahar Company is a member of the Egyptian federation for building contractors and they are registered for the company of the Egyptian federation and the Egyptian Armed Forces.