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Onduclair Roofing

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Onduclair Roofing

ONDUCLAIR PC, transparent polycarbonate sheets are designed for natural lighting covers and cladding for agricultural buildings, industrial facilities and returning the public. ONDUCLAIR PC is ideal for greenhouses.


ONDUCLAIR, Transparent solutions


ONDUCLAIR PC is a polycarbonate roof light system for roofing and cladding. It demonstrates outstanding light transmission, helping to create a more comfortable work or home environment while reducing energy bills. ONDUCLAIR PC sheets are made of polycarbonate resin and are designed for any type of building, including agricultural, industrial or public-access buildings. ONDUCLAIR PC is also an ideal solution for greenhouses.

Onduline offers an extensive range of transparent products (PVC, polyester, polycarbonate, polycarbonate multiwall) to protect structures such as public access buildings, farms or industrial buildings, while ensuring the benefits of natural light. Whatever your needs, ONDUCLAIR provides an adated roof covering or cladding solution.

Advantages of ONDUCLAIR


  • Confort accru : une excellente transmission de la lumière et une protection aux UV
  • Transmission optimisée de la lumière, permettant des économies d’énergie
  • Meilleure protection : résistance aux impacts et à la grêle, réaction au feu optimale
  • Idéale pour les serres
  • Respectueux de l’environnement : 100% recyclable



  • Save time: easy transportation and fast installation thanks to lightweight design and optimized sheet length up to 12m
  • Easy installation process
  • Increase well-being: outstanding light transmission and UV protection
  • Optimized light transmission: deliversenergy savings
  • More protection: impact and hail resistant, optimal fire performance
  • Ideal for greenhouses
  • Sustainable: 100% recyclable
Hail Resistant
Fast to install
Fast to install
Light Transmission
Light Transmission
Thermal-comfort Anti-UV
Thermal-comfort Anti-UV
Chemical resistant
Chemical resistant
Fire resistant
Fire resistant


Whatever your project needs or business sector, ONDUCLAIR® PC delivers the right covering or cladding solution.

  • Industrial facility buildings
  • Farm buildings
  • Greenhouses
  • Public-access buildings
  • Tertiary-sector buildings
  • Maintenance and service facilities
  • Sports complex

Onduclair Colors

  • Crystal
  • Opal
  • Translucent smoked brown: translucent yellow and translucent green
  • Opaque white

Onduclair Range

Two categories exist in ONDUCLAIR ® range: PC and PLR

Three profiles exist in the ONDUCLAIR ® range: GO 92 (177/51), Onduline 95 and Nervesco 1000.

Write us for details on the other profiles.


Your satisfaction comes first!

  • Global presence with agencies in over 100 countries across all 5 continents to reach out to our customers and better capture their needs! A broad product range, industry expertise and market insight to select the best-fit system, from lightweight roofing solutions to exclusively-designed cutting-edge build systems.
  • Outstanding expertise in plastics-based covering and daylighting systems (production and marketing since 60 years) to offer you modular technical solutions that seamlessly fit your needs.
  • Start-to-finish support throughout your projects: technical service, custom-tailored deliveries, and more.


ONDUCLAIR ® is a solution designed for natural lighting with excellent light transmission and durable optical properties.



Whether for new builds or renovation projects, you need an efficient, reliable, and recognized solution for agriculture. This means you get peace of mind, as you know your crops or your livestock are sheltered in an environment geared to optimal growth.



Most of our products have first class fire ratings geared to industrial environments.